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QMG is a record label that houses a recording studio and music business conglomerate. As founders and co-owners, in 2000 we [“LuvLuv” and “Tha Street Stringa”] pooled our multiple years of urban artist and production experience together to start a production company (now called “Wasabi Beats, LLC”) and started a record label with a national thrust. We are now located in a 1,800 sq ft complex in the heart of the nation, and have had the pleasure of recording such national urban artists as Bun B (UGK), Trackstarz (Chingy) clientele, Devin the Dude, Trae, Comedian Dopefiend Willie, Sticka and more. We are highly sought after for production, artist development, marketing and music business assistance in addition to our busy schedules as the first official artists on the QMG label.

QMG, provides a “one-stop-shop”- styled foundation for artist marketing and distribution, complete from recording to photos, graphics, duplication, and industry-accepted UPC barcodes, ISRC numbers, etc. Two sets of sister companies (also founded and owned by us) include Wasabi Beats, LLC, which handles the production, songwriting and arrangement duties for the sound recordings; and our publishing companies, which handle the exploitation of our musical compositions, licensing, etc. All of these companies flourish in our centrally located complex that includes multiple studio bays, a concert/rehearsal hall, fitness center, café/eatery, game room with foosball, pool, air hockey, etc., a barber/beauty spa-lon for artist imaging assistance and lodging facilities nearby.

We are confident you will find our credentials impressive, our vision universal, our niche marketable and our long-term prospects bankable. Enclosed you will find a well-rounded and detailed overview of our ventures, designed to give you a clear and inspiring look at who we are. In so doing, we wish to engender your confidence to motivate further conversation, fruitful networking and possibly your informed investment in our vision.

Our Vision: to influence the world through the entertainment industry.

Our Mission: to be regarded as a music industry powerhouse in the United States and abroad, both as companies and as artists/producers.

Our strategy: to secure major industry networking and working opportunities in the areas of music production, songwriting, arrangement, artist development, deal securing/brokering, and through exposure as artists/entertainers.

Our Tactic: to secure fair and equitable national-level win-win deals in the form of any of the following:
• Major industry music production catalog inclusion
• National production and distribution deal
• Joint venture and/or sub-label deal
• National tour booking agency deal
• Major artist deal on a “master license” basis or similar

We are willing to discuss any reasonable offer that will provide each party with maximum opportunities for profit and growth.

Please contact either of QMG’s co-owners, LuvLuv or Tha Street Stringa to start further conversation, and thank you in advance for your consideration!